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Ginger-chicken on vegetable-bed

Ginger-chicken on vegetable-bed

Simple, fast, cheap, yet delicious AND healthy

For two people or two days

300 g Chicken breast filet cut into small pieces
1 big onion diced
Fresh ginger, in small pieces
1 Red pepper
2 Carrots in thin slices
10 Cherry tomatoes, whole
3 small potatoes in thin slices
1 sliced big zucchini
Olive oil
Seasonings: salt, black ground pepper, colorful cracked pepper, rose pepper, ginger, Thai curry

Time required 35 minutes max

Fillet in olive oil, seasoned and fry with ginger pieces
in time the vegetables can be cut
in a larger open pan, pre-cook the vegetables with olive oil
Add roasted chicken
All together in the big, now closed with a lid, pan again for 20 minutes

fast fish stew

fast fish stew

For two people or two days

250 g fish fillet cut into small pieces
200 g of fresh mushrooms quartered
1 whole lemon diced, remove seeds
1 big onion diced
1 ready-made recipe mushroom soup
1 ready-made recipe asparagus soup
750 ml of water
1/2 cup of whipped cream
Fresh ginger, in small slices
Fresh dill, plucked small
Seasonings: salt, pepper, ginger, basil

Time spent up to 30 minutes

Let it all boil on a low flame

Catfish with asparagus and broccoli vegetable sauce

Catfish with asparagus and broccoli vegetable sauce

For four people or four days

300 g of catfish or fillet of other freshwater fish, finely chopped
1 bunch of fresh asparagus, small cut
2 Brocolli, in small pieces
1 ready recipe for Brocolli Gratin
1 ready-made recipe for salmon cream gratin
500 ml of water
1 cup of whipped cream
Fresh ginger, in small slices
Fresh dill, plucked small
Seasonings: lemon water, salt, crushed colored pepper, ginger, basil, herbs of Provence

Time spent up to 40 minutes

Season the fish and fry it together with ginger pieces. In time the vegetables can be cut. Then all together small flame let it boil for about 30 minutes.
If the sauce does not thin, everything in the oven can be baked with cheese!

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