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Through this page I would like to publish my novels, short stories and pictures around SF and horror, Perry Rhodan, Lemuria and Cthulhu. Have fun while reading! My main concern is Lemuria: The traveling Tamanium!


How I came to write

The idea came to me for the first time in 2007, but really regular writing did not start until the beginning of 2014. After reading the cycles MdI and M87 of the Perry Rhodan series, I was particularly fascinated by one folk: Lemurians! Sometimes you think about it: could it really be that way? Since in our multiverse Hypertech does not exist: unfortunately not. There was no empire, no first humanity. But the history and the technique of the Lemurians never let me go: sun transmitters, half-space tunnels, time machines, separation of body and mind and what more things were. But all Lemurer offspring I knew at that time, whether Tefroder or Akonen or others, had lost a large part of their run after the victory of the Haluters. The MdIs themselves do not count for me, they were not a people and they were criminals. That's why I came up with the idea for a storyline.
At least a sub-population was supposed to preserve and further develop knowledge, technology and culture. Now it is said that travel makes you so beautiful. Therefore, I thought an extragalactic spaceship odyssey would be just right for the Lemurians to gain new knowledge.
Now the Lemurians had an excellent linear flight technique, but unfortunately no extragalactic engine. Therefore, my first thought was that they should be devastated by an accident first to M87 (of course, the messier catalog is nowhere mentioned, but only the natives name and invented by me lemur name). This provides the lemurians with background knowledge about the origin of the beasts and the basics of paratron technology - and with it the dimetrans drive, which they develop later on. After completing the beast theme, the Lemurer decided to move on for understandable reasons and to find somewhere a truly safe hideaway, as far away as possible from the products of the Okefenokees. On their journey, however, they are repeatedly involved in conflicts and intervene in favor of the losers. As a result, they become temporary vicarious agents of the high powers of the cosmos, against which an entity warns them urgently.
They recognize the power structures in the cosmos and the connections with the foundations of the cosmos - the LAW. These are insights that go far beyond what was ever known in their homeland. So it turns out that in comparison to other realms the lemurian Tamanium was nothing so special. So they keep moving and their fleet sometimes picks up more refugees. Finally, they are looking for a place that is beyond the control of super-intelligences and highmeasures because independence is as important to them as security. There is a new Tamanium to emerge, but not as an empire but as an alliance of many peoples - the tamanic alliance, the basis of an intergalactic covenant over many galaxies. Of course, the story should play where no Terran has been. In other words, it should not be unconsciously copied by PR. If this looks like it, I ask for feedback!
Now I'm biased not only by PR, but also by Karl May, Alexander Kent, TNG, Sherlock Holmes, Galactika, H.P. Lovecraft u.w .. I have introduced certain style elements from it. Thus, the character of the Lemurian admiral is said to have some features of the figure of Richard Bolitho from the mariner novels of Alexander Kent. He is not only fixated on his career, but also has understanding for his people, which in ancient England, at least in the mariner-novels, was not a given. Now the first part of the plot is in M87, which makes it difficult to maintain originality. Some basics of PR just have to stay consistent. On the other hand, the Lemurs have a very different attitude to the beasts than the Terrans later. They have almost a hundred years of war behind them, they hate them! Therefore, they must also have a very different relationship with the Skoars and the designers of the Center. They become, without any ifs and buts, important allies. In this point, the action deviates correspondingly strongly from the M87 cycle. The fact that it breaks later has other reasons. Incidentally, it comes in one place - stielmaessig aehh stilmaessig - a nod to Independence Day. Guess where! Overall, the plot is a little harder, not to say bloodier, due to the war trauma of the Lemurer.
Since I write alone, there is not much subplot. I would never finish otherwise. Every action has a direct influence on the development of history.
The hardest thing to think about is: the invention of names! What does not sound completely fantastic, comes - in the case of Lemurian name - mostly from Indian or Korean language, since this was allegedly the Lemurian, according to Perrypedia, the next. The name Fento Tanarol I had invented in 2007 and unfortunately no longer knows the reason.
It is also not so easy to develop the technique further or make sense, since the Lemurians in their time were much further than the humankind of the 25th century AD.
I have completely taken over the Lemurian era da Thamar including monthly distribution (available in PerryPedia or later in the glossary). However, I have left the division of the days in hours, minutes and seconds in order not to strain the time of the readers excessive. In addition, isolated Lemurian technical terms occur, eg Abjin instead of Psi and of course the Lemurian names of the planets of the solar system (Lemur = Terra), single known stars and galaxies (Apsuhol = Milky Way, Karahol = Andromeda).
The storyline begins with a trailer from PR history, the destruction of the Ulbradan Sun Triangle. Since apparently nothing is known about this, I decorated this event and used it as a starting point. "Attack of the Haluters" should be only the first episode. You see, I have a lot planned, namely a wide-ranging plot, similar to PR itself.
Since this is my first novel, my writing style is still evolving. Whether he is already readable, I leave to your judgment. I first wrote this first novel by hand, then typed it in and read it twice. Since I could improve a lot, which I did not describe so great at the beginning.
It took me about 15 months to attack the Haluters, because I also have other things to do - work, household, other hobbies. The next episode will certainly finish faster, because I write now faster and I come faster and faster ideas for further action.
So I already have some ideas for the overall development of the series and a lot of detail ideas for the next two episodes: "Evolution" and "Galaxy of Terror". No matter what happens, I will keep writing, because now it makes me really FUN!
So! I wish you a lot of reading pleasure!

Comments: 2
Christian (Sonntag, 01 November 2015 22:09)
Hey Thorsten,
Mach weiter so :-)

Dr. Karb, Wolfgang (Sonntag, 15 Mai 2016 15:53)
Hallo, ich bin im quantenforum auf Ihre Seite gestossen- und wuerde gerne mehr ueber die Kurzgeschichten und Science-fiction-Romane erfahren !
Viele Gruesse
Wolfgang Karb


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