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The drunk Tamanium

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On behalf of the High beer taps of the multiverse

The drunken Tamanium under Femto Tannenhohl stumbles through the universe. Always on the hunt for the best stuff. On behalf of the power behind cosmocrats and chaotarchs, they are to solve the mystery of the galaxy Alko'Hol. If this fails, the sources and sinks of matter threaten to dry up and uncontrollably force the High Forces into the normal universe.

(the Enlightenment! - What really goes beyond the sources and sinks and who is beyond the Cosmocrats and Chaotarchs - ;) )

Admiral Femto Tannenhohl had his feet on the control console. Before him, the holo showed the next target galaxy. In search of the next good stuff, they set course for the galaxy Alko'Hol. It was time that they arrived. They ran out of spirits. They put great hopes in the new galaxy, which was also called island of schnappsthrottles.

The big almanac of the high beer taps of the multiverse promised a large selection of ethanol mixtures, obtained directly from the gas clouds between the stars and burned to a fine drop with sun-zapfer energy supply in the high-performance hypergol boiler. But those who were the brewmasters and what they demanded in return, was not in it. Even the Cosmocrats, most notably the Masters Seekers Taurus and MisterHoom, had not returned well enough from this galaxy after an invasion attempt to remember everything.
Under the influence of the transform syndrome, they did not tolerate so much as beyond the matter sources, the place of eternal parties.

Well, they were carved from a different wood. There were no more spirited men in this part of the multiverse than former Lemurian students of the Fleet Academy Korn'Talus in Muench'Tronis.

The guard detachment took place. Melora Kin, his cuppa, staggered in. Probably the Reaper-Bahn had visited in sector thirteen.
His representative, the Azul Noami Ringbell, disappeared through the main bulkhead. Slightly disappointed, Femto looked after her until the last corner of her almost too short miniskirt disappeared behind the next bend.
Femto would love to meet her in private. Her outfit was unusually charming, somehow Lemurerinnen were more prudish there.
Well, other peoples different manners. Melora handed him his lunch, a three-storys Cyclops fruit long drink with a shot. Just the thing to get in the mood.

Their ship, the FLOTTEROTTO, fell from hyperspace, a few light-years from a lonely red star.
"Well, I did not want to go there ..." The pilot on duty picked up his glass and took a long sip after the effort of the last leg.
"Are you so filled up that you can not keep the course?" complained the commander. "But Mr. Colonel, but not three Amaretto" protested the scolded pilot Ista Lausewitz and activated the playback of the course writer. Something has influenced our course in hyperspace, we have been redirected to this star. "

How to confirm him the Hyperkom resounded. >> Welcome to the cosmic bar to'the'red'plum. The direct entry into the galaxy coast fog is prohibited. If you are here to purchase our local specialties, we are happy to take your order. If you want to take your order with you, turn left and join your ship on the FlyIn. You will receive your order via your air lock. You would rather stop and spend some time in our cozy lounge? Fly right around the sun and follow the sign for the Park Space Dock. <<

Colonel Flor turned to Admiral Tannenhohl. "And what do you mean?"
"We visit the lounge!" About the Interkom his decision was heard everywhere. Joyful howl answered him. He believed in hearing about 'going for a run.'
"We are here to solve the puzzles of Alko'Hol and give them a preferential delivery contract for the high beer taps, they know, without supplies, the matter sources and the eternal parties end up ending up When the cosmocrats uncontrollably rush into the normal universe because the beer tapers run out of supplies and the cosmocrats can no longer tamper.. unthinkable... A cosmocrat with syndrome is already a walking disaster! Many would be the sinking! In a bar we find the quickest information as we enter the galaxy, without being rejected immediately by the powerful seven students of the master brewers."

The pilot pressed the gas and pulled out the right, red flashing field. He steered the ship with the Gravo engines right around the star until a shield buoy became visible in the holo. It pointed to the park dock.
The pilot looked at the fuel gauge. They had last refueled in Norgan-Tur. The line was almost back to the emergency reserve.
Hopefully there was a petrol pump with SuperH2M10 nearby. The ship flew only with this 'green' hydrogen-methyl mixture. Without the methyl her hyper-engine did not work. Alternatively, only high-density fuel with at least 15 million octane helped.
They finally had to file an official complaint with the Universal Environmental Authority that the spaceship builders had to develop eco-operable engines.

Normal fuel such as methyl blends burdened the environment in their own way. Was evident in normal fuel: the exhaust gases loaded the hyperspace with carbon dioxide and heated the universe so slowly. This pleased at best the Chaotarchen, because of Entropie and so .. The use of 'gruenem' Methyl addition required after cultivation of fermentable vegetable food, which limited the production of drinks.
That could not be a solution!
He had to remember what wonderful long drinks were lost so day after day and at the same time many other needy drinkers remained dry in other galaxies.

Just behind the star, the cosmic bar became visible. It was an average of 20 kilometers high, 15 deep and about 30 kilometers long. In detail, it actually looked like an old bar. On a one-kilometer-thick platform, a wooden-looking counter loomed above, in front of it 6 bar stools with a rustic leather upholstery of 10 kilometers in height and at the rear end a mirrored wall and spirits shelves. The bottles on the shelves were also at the 2 to 4 kilometers high.

The Lemurian ship turned and flew back into a parking bay. The warning signal was heard throughout the ship, the faster the closer they came to the terminal wall. When it became a constant tone, the avoide pilot Ista Lausewitz stopped and locked the ship by means of brake fields. "All can visit the bar, the automatic here probably well to ensure that our FLOTTEROTTO is not stolen. Who is stealing a big, polished diamond room that does not even sell on the black market? Nobody has that much money.. But involved the other guests in discussions, finds as much as possible about - what did the voice on the radio call them? - the galaxy coast-fog - out!"
The individual departments emptied faster than the commander could drink his shot glass. Nobody wanted to miss such an opportunity.
About 1234 crew members drained themselves at the transmitters, which transported the guests from the park dock to the actual bar. Everyone wanted to be the first and taste new flavors.
So far, nothing was enough, with the ultimate substance flavored, drinks from beyond the sources of matter and they were rare in normal space. It was not for nothing that the servants of the Martinies harvested the ultimate substance. It was the best guarantee for the retention of the High Might beyond the sources and sinks of matter.

Admiral Tannenhohl and his cupbearer Melora Kin took the third wave of thirsty Tamanians over to the bar.
At a glance, Femto captured the highest-potency sorts of bream, vodkas and liqueurs. He sat down at the one-kilometer-long bar, which had been godfather for the outer shape of the flying bar and ordered a drink that was just like the galaxy in the local idiom: coast fog!
Tasted not bad, a strong Aniseed note, or whatever was grown here, albeit with a disappointing few 22%.
There was a side-taste he could not match. Melora Kin next to him tipped the stuff down like water.

All 1234 crew members of the FLOTTEROTTO had found space and there was still room enough. The main room of the flying bar alone could accommodate fifty thousand visitors. At the moment he seemed to be half full.
Despite sound insulation from compartment to compartment, there was an incredible noise level.

Femto Tannenhohl turned to a frog-like intelligence that was just ordering a drink that Femto felt like a mixture of seaweed and sulfur. Should he have to taste, he decided to be careful. He did not know anything about the stranger's metabolism.
"Not busy today, is there? I was hoping for a future betting match."
"You're not from here," cried the amphibian. "The big competitions take place only once per revolution and private battles are prohibited in the house.
By the way, my name is Ker-Mit. I am a Mu-Pet from the planet Gruengischt."
"Oh. My name is Femto Tannenhohl I'm Admiral of the Drunken Tamanium. I hope we are not out of season When is the next competition and what is the main prize? You know, we are not coincidentally in coastal fog We were hoping for an audience with the master brewers and we represent a major customer! "
"The brewmasters do not give auditions, except in one case." The winner in the competition receives a bone, a pass, which allows entry into the coastal fog and is led to Flens-Borg, the brewery's main world blatant luck! The next competition will take place in three days."

Admiral Tannenhohl nods eagerly. That was great! They absolutely had to win. He started to answer.
And winced. Everything turned. Of what only? 22% were a joke.
Then he heard in his heart a terrible wailing and screeching, which gradually lapsed into a racket and then fell silent. "What, with all your intellectual accomplishments, was that?"

"Oh, nothing special. Once again, one of those totally overrated super-intelligences who think they can mess with the doormen.After complaining, doorman three drank them under the table.

"What happens to her?" "It will have turned into a psi body. After the ultimate stuff, the best psi-spice for coastal-fog, your drink, I mean .."

Femto passed something, that was impossible. He got actually sick. That was the indefinable taste. Psi corpse ala coastal fog ...

Three days later it was time! From all over the coast-fog - and from dozens other galaxies - contestants poured into the cosmic bar to'the'red'plum.

Femto Tannenhohl had never before seen such a hodgepodge of different intelligence beings ...

This is planned as an open project. Everyone is allowed to add their mustard and expand the story with it! I will insert the comments ;)

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