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The horror

The horror

Independent project based on the Cthulhu myth
Title?, Working title: The horror

first conception: 5th sept. 2012
As of 05.04.15: 19 A5 pages, word-doc
Stand NP+ on 16.02.16: 4322 words
Stand NP+ on 03.04.16: 6810 words
Stand NP+ on 13.09.16: 7887 words

Humanity has opened up the inner solar system. There are no more wars. The World Union was finally filled with life. With this in mind, the first manned mission to Pluto will start on July 21, 2069. On this planet, which could not be more hostile to life, the crew finds relics of an alien race. Including the 'portal' of the Mi-Go. It opens the way to the stars. But the path leads through the dimension of chaos. It should never be reopened. Ancient forces awake and reach for reality. Only the witchcraft's offspring can save the earth. But for this they first have to recognize their heritage.

The first lines I wrote in 2012 in London, on the stairs of the hostel, after I had seen the closing ceremony of the Olympics in Wembley. The Olympic spirit was a special motivation to me!


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